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The Engine

At Good Program we believe in providing value above all-else. To us, this means delivering affordable services, that carry quality at every turn. This is why we developed The Engine. The Engine is a central location for our customers to access a range of services that help improve their business. It provides a single place to manage billing, support and access to your services within the Good Program platform.

But what are Services?

Services are custom developed micro-applications running in the cloud, each built from the ground up to provide, flexibility, scalabilty and most importantly deliver to-the-minute Billing. That means, when you use a Good Program service, it's extremely unlikely that you'll ever pay for anything you don't use!

So how does it work exactly?

Let's take for example our new service Polar CMS. Polar is a headless CMS system that allows users to build their own content API's in the cloud. Polar leverages query compression, caching, high-performance back-end logic and CDN's to deliver content at extermely high-speeds.

After a user has finished creating their account on Good Program, they can automatically activate the service. After an API is created and access begins, you'll be able to track the data transfered day-to-day via the stats section. Inside the user can also see the total cost for their usage that month.

At the end of every given month, the total amount is summed up alongside other service totals and billed from within the central Engine Dashboard.

This means you have easy-access to powerful tools, pro-rata billing that prevents unneccessary costs, a simple, centralised bill once a month and clear reports that are easy to understand! If that doesn't interest you, perhaps our free-usage tiers might!

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